10 weirdest Things Evolution Left In Your Body

1-coccyx (TAIL BONE)

Before you were born,you had a tail albeit only for few weeks.All mammals develop a tail as ambryos in the womb,but human lose it again before birth (except in a few very rare cases).The COCCYX,or tail bone at the bottom of ur spine is this tail’s last remnant.

2-Third Eyelid

In the corner of your eye,next to the tear duct is the remnant of a third eyelid technically known as the PLICA SEMILUNARIS.In many reptiles and birds and some mammals,this translucent ‘nictitating'(blinking)membrane can be drawn horizontally across the eye for moisturisation ,extra protection or to remove debris.In humans,it plays more minor roles such as assisting tear drainage .

3-Wisdom Teeth

Most people only become aware of their wisdom teeth thanks to theethaches in their late teens and early twenties.These extra molars were probably used by our larger-jawed ancestors to grind up raw plant material.Now,these teeth are virtually useless and their removal is one of the most common surgical procedures.

4-Darwin’s point

Around a quarter of the population has a small bump on the upper edge of the ear,known as Darwin Point after its description in Darwin’s THE DESCENT OF THE MAN .The position of the bump matches of the location of more prominent points in the ears of many of our primate cousins ,providing another sign of our common ancestry.

5-Palmaris Longus

Around 85% of people have a palmaris longus a vestigial muscle running from the elbow to the heel of the hand.In some primates this muscle assists climbing,while in cat and other predators ,it retracts the claws .You can test if you have it by flexing your wrist and touching your fifth finger to your thumb -if it’s there ,it will pop up .

6-Jacobson’s  Organ

Also called the vomeronasal organ ,this is an important smell sensor in many animals ,from elephants to salamanders.Some studies suggest humans have a remnant of this organ at the back of the nose ,but as there are on nerves connecting it to the brain ,it is unlikely to play a role in sense of smell .


Goosebumps appear when you are frightened ,or a bit chilly thanks to tiny muscles called arrector pili surrounding hair follicles in your skin; when these muscles connect your hairs stand up . In humans such hair raising has little effect but it could have made our furrie ancestors appear large when threatened and would have provided insulation in cold weather by trapping a layer of air by the skin .

8-Plantaris Muscle

The plantaris is small muscle that plays such a minor role in humans that around 10% of the population does not have it at all.Situation behind the knee this muscle connects to the ankle via a long tendon that in our more flexible primate relatives can be used to make the foot grasp branches or pick objects.

9-Auriculares muscles

If you have ever seen someone wiggle their ears then you have seen them use a set of vestigial muscles called the auriculares muscles.Cats dogs and many other mammals use these muscles to move their hearing .Our ancestors all but lost this ability making the muscles good for little more than the occasional party trick.

10-Palmar Grasp Reflex

Place an object in the hand of a baby under five months old and the fingers will automatically close around it with a surprisingly strong grip. This reaction known as the palmar grasp reflex is a throwback to hairier times when babies of our predecessors would have clung to their mothers by gripping their body fur.




Christopher Columbus described papaya as ‘the fruit of angels ‘.This tropical fruits is native to Southen Mexico and the neighbouring South America but is now found in India ,the Philippines and parts of Africa .It is believed the Portuguese explorers introduced to all these regions.

one cane always spot a vendor every in the morning selling slices of papaya or papaya chat outside jogging parks.Most of papaya’s medicinal qualities, which make it popular ,can be attributed to the enzyme papain.It break down proteins and thus,makes them easily digestible.The enzyme itself is used in various industries ,be it breweries pharmaceuticals , food ,leather ,detergent or for processing meat and fish .

Papain resembles pepsin and aids in digestion.As the fruits is rich fibre ,it is an excellent remedy for constipation .It reduces inflammation ,is good treating internal injuries and cures arthritis .Papaya prevents cancer of the digestive tract .It can also be use burns ,prevent heart diseases ,reduce cholesterol and prevent cataracts .The fruit is rich in vitamins and has antioxidant .

Papaya is a popular lifestyle fruit and is in high demand for beauty treatment .Folates and minerals present in the fruit help to keep the skin healthy and clean .

Difference between mother and wife ……

Just think about this question …that what is the difference between your mother and wife ..

they both love us ,both sacrifice us ,Both make us Eat more than we require,Both make our house into Home ,Both pray for us ,Both are there for us,Both live for us ..

Then why do….

we post/say funny jokes about wife and laugh and always post respectable quote for mother ..they only difference I can see is one brings you into the world and other makes you her world ,but men always take their wives for granted and often ignore them in important talks ,matters ,decisions ,plannings,etc ..because they think that they are in -efficient to handle them ..

All dear men it’s True that your mother sacrifices to make you become a leader but a wife sacrifices to maintain your leadership ..your mother gets your affection and care throughout her life;But a wife gets your full attention only when she is near the end of her Life ..Waiting to get your Certification of her soulmate ..Please give her importance in early age of Her Life so that she can feel that She is not only the PRINCESS of her Father but also the Queen Of Her HUSBAND …..

Negotiate higher energy into your life

I ask for a moment’s indulgence to sit by Thy side.
The work that t have in hand
I will finish afterwards.
Away from the sight of Thy face
My heart knows no rest or respite,
And my work becomes an endless toil
In a shore less sea of toil
Today the summer has come at my window
With its sight and murmurs;
And the bee are playing their minstrelsy
At the court of the flowering grove.
Now it is time to sit quiet
Face to face with thee,
And to sing dedication of life
In this silent and overflowing leisure

RabindraNath Tagore

Tagor suggests you can put aside.he said these are the material concerns that bring your problems to the surface . He describes the presence of problems as “Away from the sight of Thy face , my heart knows no rest or respite.”

When you concentrate simplified ways of being in your life , you begin discontinue giving energy to the things you don’t want or believed in your own heart. Examine this thought carefully as go toward a faster, higher awareness .

Do you think why is garlic so sticky?



        Fresh garlic gets its smell from a chemical called ALLYL MERCAPTAN download.At one end of this molicule there is a sulpher atom and a hydrogen atom,which together from a sulphydryl group.When two slphydry groups come together,they from a relatively strong bond,called a disulphide bridge.These bonds are what hold together the complex 3D STRUCTURE OF Protein mleculesimage5

.When you get allyl mercapan on your fingers,the sulphydeyl groups from disulphide bridges with the proteins in your skin.The stickiness is the resistance you feel when you try to break the bonds.
I am sure this is the quite enough information for garlic stickiness when you cut it ….images (1)top-5-antioxidant-rich-foods-4-638

life of wife

All our lives we Indians especially girls are expected rather supposed to live according to the norms of the society. Seems and sounds easy people say that when you have been raised in the same environment you should not have any objections,but it’s not its just like you have been suspended with a string from a solid support and are being pushed from here to there like a bob your head starts rotating.. you want to vomit but “its against the rules you know this is  the  Indian mentality is what holds is back…

The house wives who are most talented are not given proper stage .They get to hear dialogues like,they don’t know anything,and how much world have they seen ,believe it can get a lot worse.every day a man humiliates her be it a strong .our Indian society has learn how to respect of women… Our society is the one which can keep  9 days fast for goddess of Durga but cannot wait for his wife on the dinning table before the start eating.every man said to his wife while you are silent i swear you are looking beautiful.This is the men’s attitude because he shows i have the power . In the beginning when my mom said that we girls are most strong it just went above my head but at this age I get it.Being women we respect ourself

Its really true that money can’t buy happiness. it can’t even comfort you.