life of wife

All our lives we Indians especially girls are expected rather supposed to live according to the norms of the society. Seems and sounds easy people say that when you have been raised in the same environment you should not have any objections,but it’s not its just like you have been suspended with a string from a solid support and are being pushed from here to there like a bob your head starts rotating.. you want to vomit but “its against the rules you know this is  the  Indian mentality is what holds is back…

The house wives who are most talented are not given proper stage .They get to hear dialogues like,they don’t know anything,and how much world have they seen ,believe it can get a lot worse.every day a man humiliates her be it a strong .our Indian society has learn how to respect of women… Our society is the one which can keep  9 days fast for goddess of Durga but cannot wait for his wife on the dinning table before the start eating.every man said to his wife while you are silent i swear you are looking beautiful.This is the men’s attitude because he shows i have the power . In the beginning when my mom said that we girls are most strong it just went above my head but at this age I get it.Being women we respect ourself

Its really true that money can’t buy happiness. it can’t even comfort you.


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