Do you think why is garlic so sticky?



        Fresh garlic gets its smell from a chemical called ALLYL MERCAPTAN download.At one end of this molicule there is a sulpher atom and a hydrogen atom,which together from a sulphydryl group.When two slphydry groups come together,they from a relatively strong bond,called a disulphide bridge.These bonds are what hold together the complex 3D STRUCTURE OF Protein mleculesimage5

.When you get allyl mercapan on your fingers,the sulphydeyl groups from disulphide bridges with the proteins in your skin.The stickiness is the resistance you feel when you try to break the bonds.
I am sure this is the quite enough information for garlic stickiness when you cut it ….images (1)top-5-antioxidant-rich-foods-4-638