Christopher Columbus described papaya as ‘the fruit of angels ‘.This tropical fruits is native to Southen Mexico and the neighbouring South America but is now found in India ,the Philippines and parts of Africa .It is believed the Portuguese explorers introduced to all these regions.

one cane always spot a vendor every in the morning selling slices of papaya or papaya chat outside jogging parks.Most of papaya’s medicinal qualities, which make it popular ,can be attributed to the enzyme papain.It break down proteins and thus,makes them easily digestible.The enzyme itself is used in various industries ,be it breweries pharmaceuticals , food ,leather ,detergent or for processing meat and fish .

Papain resembles pepsin and aids in digestion.As the fruits is rich fibre ,it is an excellent remedy for constipation .It reduces inflammation ,is good treating internal injuries and cures arthritis .Papaya prevents cancer of the digestive tract .It can also be use burns ,prevent heart diseases ,reduce cholesterol and prevent cataracts .The fruit is rich in vitamins and has antioxidant .

Papaya is a popular lifestyle fruit and is in high demand for beauty treatment .Folates and minerals present in the fruit help to keep the skin healthy and clean .