Difference between mother and wife ……

Just think about this question …that what is the difference between your mother and wife ..

they both love us ,both sacrifice us ,Both make us Eat more than we require,Both make our house into Home ,Both pray for us ,Both are there for us,Both live for us ..

Then why do….

we post/say funny jokes about wife and laugh and always post respectable quote for mother ..they only difference I can see is one brings you into the world and other makes you her world ,but men always take their wives for granted and often ignore them in important talks ,matters ,decisions ,plannings,etc ..because they think that they are in -efficient to handle them ..

All dear men it’s True that your mother sacrifices to make you become a leader but a wife sacrifices to maintain your leadership ..your mother gets your affection and care throughout her life;But a wife gets your full attention only when she is near the end of her Life ..Waiting to get your Certification of her soulmate ..Please give her importance in early age of Her Life so that she can feel that She is not only the PRINCESS of her Father but also the Queen Of Her HUSBAND …..